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Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation
Your initial consultation will last approximately 2 hours.  There is no charge or obligation.  Whether you retain our services or not, it is a confidential meeting and no information will or can be divulged to any outside party.  You may be accompanied by a relative or friend for support.  (However, no minor child should be present and should remain in the reception area). 

Consulting with an attorney does not necessarily mean that a divorce is inevitable.  Many  clients seek advice to simply understand their rights, and may do so even while attending marriage counseling.

In some instances, advice that you will be seeking can be provided over the telephone.  In most situations however, you will need to schedule an appointment to meet. 
There are four goals of the meeting:

  1. Information gathering;
  2. To explain all of your legal rights and options based upon my 30 years of knowledge and experience;
  3. To answer all of your questions and concerns; and
  4. To determine if we are a “good fit”.

Information gathering:
We will discuss the reasons for the divorce including fault and all the circumstances leading to the breakdown of the marriage.  Equally important is discussing your minor children (if any)  and their well-being.  We will also go over your expenses (mortgage/rent payment, utilities, vacations and so on), your property (homes, cars, financial and retirement accounts, businesses and so on) and your liabilities (mortgage balance, credit cards, car loans).  You should bring (if available, but not necessary) you and your spouse’s  most recent paystubs and/or your last year’s tax returns.  This information is needed to assess your current finances and to project your future budget and your future financial needs.  You may also want to bring any other documents such as estate planning, cell phone records, letters or e-mails that you believe may be relevant to your case.

Relative to the support issues, not only is income relevant, but the ability to earn a living is important.  Thus, the initial financial inquiry pertaining to income and earning capacity includes your and your spouse’s educational backgrounds, employment histories, and current incomes from employment and any other sources. 

We will also talk about premarital assets and assets received as gifts or inheritance. The focus when dividing property is whether all of the property should be divided or whether some of the property may be exempt by law from division.

Ultimately, the conversation will turn to the subject who did what to whom and the “whats” “wheres” “hows” and “whys” associated with such events.  It is important to know whether there is or was any marital misconduct.  In Michigan, which is commonly referred to as a “no-fault” divorce state, conduct such as adultery  and abuse can be highly relevant as to how the assets are distributed and the income is apportioned.  

It is also important whether you and your spouse have engaged in any marital counseling and whether a reconciliation may be possible and whether you have considered all of your options before heading down the path of a divorce.

To explain all of your legal rights and options:
Once we have discussed all relevant items, including your finances, children, (if any) assets and liabilities, and reasons for the breakdown of the marriage, I will explain your legal rights and options including what will likely be the outcome of your case, the steps that must be taken and how long the process will take.  Although no attorney can be 100% accurate, I can give you reasonable parameters of what to expect for purposes of future settlement or trial.  I will not create false expectations or promises that I cannot deliver on, but only what I am confident I can achieve for you. 

To answer your questions and concerns:
You may want to bring a list of questions and concerns to the meeting. I want you to feel satisfied by the end of the meeting that the mysteries of property division, custody, parenting time, business valuations, division of debts and so on have been cleared up so you will have confidence in what lies ahead.  Some questions I will have for you will be:

  1. What are your short term and long term goals;
  2. What settlement would you like to achieve; and
  3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

Since my purpose is to achieve your goals, I need to know what you hope to achieve.

To determine if we are a “good fit”:
This simply means that you as the client and I as your attorney must be able to communicate and work well together towards a common goal. Often clients have unrealistic expectations that no attorney can satisfy.  In such a situation, I would not be able to help you.  If your goals are within my expectations, then I am confident that I can achieve them for you and we would be a good fit. 

At this point in the process, you should have a clear picture of what to expect relative to the divorce process, including your minor children, property division, support (both child support and spousal support) and the time period. 

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Ronald J. Bajorek
187 South Old Woodward Avenue
Suite 250
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
Call Today (248) 540-3800
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