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Choosing the Right Attorney

Hiring the right attorney will greatly impact your case.  
The divorce attorney you chose should have the following ten attributes.

UNDERSTANDING.  A break up of a marriage is a sensitive issue, your attorney should be someone who is caring, honest, understands you and your needs and expectations, and really listens to your concerns.

.  In addition to being understanding, you want someone who is skilled at fighting for the client, and not only will use his years of experience to get you the best possible settlement, but also has litigation experience to take the case to trial if settlement is not possible.  

.  Your attorney should have ample knowledge of the marital laws and know the judges.  Additionally, he should be familiar with alternatives to divorce such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce.

is essential.  Phone calls should be promptly returned and the client should be fully informed about his/her case at all times. You should receive copies of all letters, documents and emails exchanged between counsel.

  Divorce is a highly specialized field.  Be cautious with the attorney whose practice includes multiple areas.  Many attorneys practice divorce law as a sideline.  You need an attorney who knows divorce laws so well that he/she doesn’t waste your time learning on the job, which is both expensive and time consuming.

CONSISTENCY Make sure the attorney you think you are hiring is in fact the attorney who will handle your case from the beginning to end. Avoid any firm where your case may be handed over to an attorney unacquainted with you or your case.  The worst experience is to have a different attorney show up to court from the one  you hired, which leads to frustration, anxiety and a likely bad outcome.

PREPARATION Your attorney should be thoroughly prepared for court or settlement meetings with full knowledge of your file and an up to date knowledge of the law.  When you e-mail or call, he/she should have an instant grasp of your case, including your children’s names and ages, (if any) and issues that are of immediate concern to you. 

REASONABLE FEES  You should have a written fee agreement signed by the attorney, outlining what you will or will not be charged for, including the attorney’s hourly rate.  You should receive a detailed billing statement on a monthly basis clearly spelling out the attorney’s time and expenses.  You should never receive a surprise bill at the end of the case.

CONFIDENCE  Your attorney should display confidence in himself/herself and, most of all, confidence in representing you and your case.  This confidence comes from experience, preparation and knowledge.  This confidence also helps you get through the divorce process.

REPUTATION  The attorney you choose reflects on you.  That is why he/she should have an outstanding reputation and the respect of judges and peers alike.

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Ronald J. Bajorek
187 South Old Woodward Avenue
Suite 250
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
Call Today (248) 540-3800
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